10 November 2015

Family Room Tweaking

That's right, I said tweaking. The reason I have titled this post in such a way is because that was truly my role in this family room design; to give it a tweak! The homeowners had recently completed a renovation and liked all their choices such as wall colour and trims but felt that the furniture layout and storage was lacking in a major way. Insert my expertise and we came up with a plan!


05 November 2015

What's Been Happening?

Hello! Wow. What a break I have taken. The days seem to be whizzing by. How is it that it's November? How is it that Christmas is just a mere 7 weeks away!? Day light savings time has really got me this year. I still feel shocked about how early the darkness rolls around once the work day is almost complete. I mean, it's not like it doesn't happen each year, but we always seem to forget, right?

So we have some catching up to do. I have been working hard, but away from the blog, so I do apologize. I often think, I should tell my readers about this topic and then the next thing I know weeks have past and I forget what my brilliant topic was. But here we are... and here is what has happened over the past few months...

The long short of it is that I have been working on some awesome projects, some which you may have caught on my Instagram. Most of them are renovations to old homes that need updating but there have been a few new builds too. I have been blessed with wonderful clients and a schedule that has been chocked full of meetings, sourcing and executing. Let me share some of the site visit photos and such that I have been snapping along the way...

This modern house is far beyond the framing now (Nick is actually installing cabinetry today!).

12 August 2015

Before and After: Downtown Hamilton Century Home

It's been a long time coming for this project to come to a close. Sometimes, I wait to order pieces of furniture to make sure it's the right fit for the home once all the renovations are complete. The open bookcase from Crate and Barrel seemed to be on back order forever (no surprise in this industry...everything always seems to be on back order!), but it was certainly worth the wait. I love the contrast of the dark wood next to the white cabinetry. Anyways, I am ready to do some show and tell from this project which we started this past January.

My clients had already hired Fergus MacLaren (you know, the contractor from Love It or List It) to do all their renovations. I was very excited to be a part of this project, not only to work beside Fergus but also because I live right next door. Talk about a great commute! Being that I had renovated my century home years prior, I was able to lend some of my experience to this project. And Fergus is extremely knowledgeable about century homes and their character. This house is the oldest on the street. It's was built in 1901 and had some of its original elements, but not many. Since it's existence, it has seen a few changes and most of them weren't great. Insert Krista and Fergus and we were about to change all that. 

Here is what was on the wish list for the renovation:
- open concept
- more functional kitchen
- create more storage
- increase size of kitchen window
- new flooring, lighting (the usual updates to an old home)
- a fireplace, as the old existing one was tucked in behind the walls and was a coal burner
- a home that is comfortable and classic

Seems easy enough... so we got to work...

Here is what we started with...

27 May 2015

Apartment Therapy Feature

To me, there is few things more satisfying that a good "before and after" photo comparison.  This would be right up there with cocktails by the beach, sleeping in or indulging in any sort of bad food I know I shouldn't be eating. I have had to drill it into my head to always take photos even if I think it's not worthy. More often than not, I end up back at the beginning of a project and swoon over how far a project has come since its beginning.

This week, I was able to have some office down time and submitted a project to the ever so popular design blog, Apartment Therapy. It was a mission of mine, when I set out on my design journey, to make on to the pages (or, um, feeds) of blogs and magazines such as these and alas, my mission has been accomplished. Apartment Therapy featured a project that I am in the midst of finishing up. One day, I casually snapped the "after" photo, as noticed how the sun and lighting made the room glow at that particular moment. I think it speaks of exactly how the room feels.

For the full blog post from Apartment Therapy, please click HERE.

19 May 2015

Our Backyard: Phase 2

I hope everyone had a great long weekend. I sure did. I was oddly productive and I am kind of proud of myself for it. Traditionally, a long weekend means escaping from the city and connecting with the outdoors, but lately, I seem to be happy at home with no plans. My way of connecting with nature this weekend was being in my yard.

I can't believe it has been two years since I wrote about our yard. For a refresher, you can find it HERE. Man, time flies! This first phase took so much time, effort and man power that we were so pleased once it was finished. At least, this part of the project. 

2013 Yard Reveal 

06 May 2015

A Renovation with Ashton Kutcher & Houzz

Houzz has taken the design world by storm, allowing homeowners to dream big and see their visions come to life. I am so delighted that this type of app was created as it makes my job easier, expands my creativity and allows me to show examples to my clients of what I am envisioning. What I also love about Houzz is that they did this sweet renovation with Ashton Kutcher to show the power of the use of the site. Well done, Houzz! And while we are at it, check out my Houzz profile :)

For all 4 episodes, click HERE!

28 April 2015

Powder Room: Industrial Chic

I have decided, since most of my personal reno projects are still on hold/aren't completed/not photo worthy yet, it's time to talk about what's been going on with my client projects. These projects are always so much fun and I get to be really creative, so I figured, why not? After all, that's what this blog is all about....

Currently, I am working with a young family on renovating their entire home. They want to get rid of the '70s style, gut the entire place and start from scratch. Demo is scheduled for mid May so I have been designing my butt off, trying to get my head wrapped around the style and approach to the new spaces. I have been redesigning and selecting everything  for a few weeks now, so I am starting to see how the place is going to come together. 

First, I want to focus on the powder room because I am REALLY excited about it. My clients haven't seen my concept yet, but I am too excited to keep this design to me-self.

This is what we are starting with...

23 April 2015

Throwback Thursday: My Childhood Living Room

In honour of Throwback Thursdays (aka #tbt), I thought I would share a photo from one of my childhood homes, circa the '80s. For those who don't know what #tbt is, it's a social media thing. People post old photos from the past, and usually it's to laugh at themselves. Similarly, I laughed at this photo when I came across it. 

My childhood home's living room, circa 1985.