17 August 2011

Gray, Not So Gloomy Anymore

If someone were to ask me right now what my favourite colour is, gray would instantly be the answer. I mean, what doesn't gray go with? Just as in your wardrobe, gray suits any living space as well. There are warm grays, cool greys, taupe grays, gray, gray, gray.

I do have one concern, as many do, is gray a trend? I am going to have to say likely. Even though, I want to embrace it whole heartedly and hope that it stays around for ever and ever, I think that gray might get a bad wrap, just as taupe/beige did. As of right now, everyone is transitioning from browns to grays. I am not saying don't do it, I am just not sure how timeless gray will be.

If you look at each decade in interior design, or even fashion for that matter, you can clearly pick out decades due to their colour fads; 80s has blues and yellows (which is coming back again in a big way), 90s pastels and hunter green, 2000s was taupe, and now 2010s is gray.

Again, I am not knocking gray! Heck! Benjamin Moore HC-172 Rever Pewter is plastered along every wall in my apartment, I am just pointing out that we are in another trend!

So let's embrace the trend shall we? Here are a some pictures to see how you too can use gray!

Use grey as a neutral and play with colour on your
accessories!  Via

Wall paper with a black and white theme mutes into
a gray tone, and again, acts as a neutral

Area rugs with geometric gray pattern pops
next to the warm bamboo floor

Even traditional spaces can use gray to their advantage. Tone on 
tone gray give a monochromatic and graceful look.

grey walls even allow the purest of whites
to seem crisp and powerful, even though
most wouldn't expect white to pop this much!

Gray is somewhat the "Bieber" of the colour world right now. It's hot, fresh and in demand, but will gray last as long as Bieber or vice versa? Only time will tell.


  1. Now, if I can only convince Devan about gray.. any tips on that! I will have to get your advice on the wall color for my room. I was thinking a gray tone but Dev's into whites and yellows.. I like blues.. Maybe a white with a hint of blue!

  2. For sure! I could definitely help you find that. Benjamin Moore's Mooshine has a bit of grey but leans into the blue family. It's a starting point anyways.