08 September 2011

A Designer Tip - Ikat Pattern

I am still feeling really energized from my friend LC's wedding this past weekend. It was wonderful to experience the multiculturalism that was infused into this event. It was like no other wedding I have been to, and that's is why I can't stop thinking about it; the music, the love, the energy from all the Brazilians is still keeping me buzzing!

LC conducting an island inspired musical jam!
(Photo courtesy of Jess Nadel @ cupcakesandkale.blogspot.com)

This got me thinking about traveling...Oh how I would love to head to Brazil and frolic in the sands and waves of the ocean in the south. One day, One day. Instead, I consider how to bring a sense of travel flavour to my everyday. The design world has caught on to the trend of globe trotters; each time one returns from a foreign land, they want to infuse their life in the food they ate and the environment around them. One particular pattern that has caught the world by storm in 2011 is the Ikat pattern.

Example of the tribal looking Ikat fabric

Even fashion is inspired by this pattern!

Ikat, originally from Indonesia, has now made it's way onto clothing and interiors alike. It's change in pattern, playful and bright colours and weave look adds a "fun" splash into any space! Essentially, this is a cooler version of tie dye, as it is produced in a similar way!

Turn a traditional style chair into a contemporary master piece!

Bowls, Beds, Chairs and Pillows. Ikat is everywhere!

Perhaps this is overkill, but it's displays how energetic an Ikat
pattern can be.

The contrast between the black and white creates a
dramatic, yet geometric feel to this Ikat.

Look at how these pillows pull in colour and a tribal flare! I love the
centre one! The best part about pillows is they are an inexpensive way
to spruce up a place!

With the combination of an Ikat pattern, and perhaps a photo collage with your travel moments, you will soon find yourself surrounded by the familiar memories.  Often, life gets so busy, it seems as though our travels are a distant past; Create a space that has glimpses of your experiences without being cliche! Keep your eye out for these patterns. You will notice...they are everywhere!


  1. Do you know how much I love IKAT?! :) I've used it in enough mood boards to fill an entire blog catalog!

    *Tania @ Passport2Design.com

  2. Great minds think alike! :)