15 December 2011

Colour of the Year 2012 -Tangerine Tango

Each paint company is claiming a different colour of the year for 2012. I never know who to trust. I mean, who exactly chooses these colours to be crowned "colour of the year". Well, there is this group called The Colour Marketing Group, and though I do not want to give away a designer secret, but this group decides on what is hip and cool for colour. And I am not just talking Interiors alone, fashion is another huge industry who is driven by this group and their colour choices. I have been told that The Colour Marketing Group chooses the colours two years ahead of time. Every wonder how designers know how to keep their collections trendy? Well, this is how.

This year, we have been told the colour of the year is 17-1463, Tangerine Tango. Cute name, isn't it? Let see if you like it's statement inside the home.

Runway show displays the new tangerine colour.

Organic rug with tangerine tango accents!

Home and personal accessories embrace the bold orange colour.
Splashes of orange in a monochromatic space. This is how I
think I would integrate this bold colour into a room.

For the colour lover out there, this room is for you.
There is something I love about this space. Probably
the teal!

What do you think? Is Tangerine Tango a colour that you could introduce into your home or is it just too bold for you?


  1. Accidental Supermommi15.12.11

    (Blogger being weird - my apologies if this is posted 4 times :S)

    I do like it as an accent - but what is the IT colour for primary painting colours - what shoudl I paint ALL my walls? :)

  2. Accidental Supermommi15.12.11


  3. Hey Ashley!

    Great question...greys are still huge but we are leaning now towards warmer greys with more colour in them...

    Check out this video...maybe it will help a bit?


  4. And Ashley...a colour consult for you is my "house warming gift"! And happily so!

  5. I love the tangerine colour - especially paired with the navy and teal (although I worry I would get sick of it too easily...but it would be worth it for just a short while!).

    *Tania @ Passport2Design.com