29 March 2012

CBC Hamilton: See Inside the Renovations

One of the reasons why I started The Reno Project(s) was to showcase my historical home under renovation, but also to expose the wonderful surroundings of Hamilton, Ontario. Hamilton is coming into it's own once again, thriving on industry shift, gentrification and economic growth to create the city that once was. It's exciting. So much is going on around the city and every time where you turn, a new business has crept in without notice.


As Nick and I drove along James Street North (the new art district of Hamilton) last week, I was admiring the old architecture...and there it was! A CBC logo? CBC...Hamilton? Yes, it was true! CBC Hamilton! Although only a digital service channel, it is still quite a milestone! Not only is it an outstanding representation for the city but the building their office will occupy underwent a major renovation!

Growth of 118 James Street North by Their and Curran Arch.

Architect Bill Curran of Their + Curran Architects, an owner of this 19th century commercial building, explains what they discovered, restored and are planning for the future of the CBC Hamilton office.

Check out the link below to get a sneak peak as to what exactly is happening at the CBC Hamilton site:

Come Inside the Renovations for CBC Hamilton

This renovation effort and project is exactly how Hamilton is going to be the next best city to live in...mark my words! (I may be a touch bias, but hey!, I am allowed). Thank you Their + Curran Architects and  CBC Hamilton for your efforts in diversifying and making the city a happening place once again!

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