17 April 2012

How To Create An Outdoor Living Room

As we say goodbye to the chill of winter, I've come to realize that I have an major outdoor project to tend to...it's called a backyard! Yard work is new to me as a first time home owner. It's not only the gardening, but also an outdoor living space I need to create. This is the place I plan (and hope) to entertain, rest and relax during the warmer months. I figured my backyard seating area should have the same key elements that any indoor lounging space has...comfortable furniture, accessories, places for drinks, books and serving, mood lighting or candles, etc. After all, it's just like a living room, minus the confines of walls.

During my quest for outdoor inspiration, I stumbled upon this video that helped solidify that outdoor spaces deserve the same level of detail as interior ones. Watch and learn as designers from One King Lane  create three different outdoor spaces with simple accessorizing and outdoor furniture!

Now, if it were only that simple to create a garden oasis, I would be set!

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