05 June 2012

Montreal's Opus Hotel - Pretty Darn Cool!

Ah, Montreal. You are so beautiful and progressive. Three out of four days, we had rain (like pouring rain!) but with our optimistic vacation attitude, Nick and I made the most of it! One of the weekend highlights was my birthday night spent at the Opus Hotel. As per Montreal's reputation, the hotel's interior was so funky and creative! Kudos to the designer on this project. I was most impressed with the main foyer and the adjacent restaurant, Koko.

Koko had a mixture of chandeliers, Kartell chairs and purple

Yes, that is a horse with a lamp shade on it's head.
Cool, right?

Nick waiting for me, with his cocktail. He is a
good man :)

The black surround is all quartz with white
quartz background. 

Sunday night cocktail hour photo. 

My favourite martini, Lychee. Yum. It was better than
birthday cake.

Amazing curved, black, white and mirrored tiled partition
to hide the bathroom sinks.

Opus hotel's foyer had odd shaped, wicker sculptures next to
contemporary pillars. I like the ambient lights
cut out of the top.

Wire art "dividers" with minimal furniture grouping.

Overall view in the hotel's foyer. Sexy mood, right?

Another minimal, modern furniture grouping.

Elevator wall was covered in a cork veneer.

Purple back painted glass elevator. Time to
end the night.

And now back to work ...sigh...vacations always makes reality seem so much harder...don't they?


  1. Looks like a super cool hotel - glad you had a great time celebrating your birthday in style!! :)
    *Tania @ Passport2Design.com

  2. Thanks Tania.

    It was nice to treat ourselves to one night. We stayed at a friend's in their city style flat for the other nights. I think every time I go, I love the city more.

  3. Fabulous look of this hotel and beautiful furniture....

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