19 June 2012

Summertime Bedding

Oh geez! It's hot out. Summer is here in a serious way. If you are like me and don't have air conditioning, the summer air is a compromise at times. Don't get me wrong...I love summer but sometimes it's hard to beat the heat. I mostly struggle during the humid nights. I avoid the very thought of heavy covers on me while I try to sleep, yet I find it hard to sleep without the feeling of something over me. Prior to this, I had never consider seasonal bedding, but I have changed my ways.

Warm, snuggly bedding for cold nights.

During the winter, I use a comforter over top of my white duvet. As I mentioned (here),  I keep the white duvet below (and use while I sleep), and dress up the bed during the day with my Anthropologie comforter.

Lots of blankets. Too much for the warm season.

Now that it is summer, I needed to get rid of the many layers. I decided on a quilt, which I picked up at Marshalls for only $39.99! It's is not only light weight, it's clean and fresh for the summer months in comparison to the bold duvet I rock the rest of the year. And yes, I bought a white quilt. I swore I would do my best to keep it clean...plus, it's machine washable.

Added a light, embroidered quilt and a colourful pillow.

Lay your heavier comforter across the foot of the bed,
just in case. Plus it adds colour!

Chartreuse embroidery detail

On another note....Don't judge my bedroom yet. It's is still in it's 'I-moved-in-and-haven't-done-anything" stage. The master bedroom is not high on the list of priorities, just yet. One day though...one day...

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