29 March 2012

CBC Hamilton: See Inside the Renovations

One of the reasons why I started The Reno Project(s) was to showcase my historical home under renovation, but also to expose the wonderful surroundings of Hamilton, Ontario. Hamilton is coming into it's own once again, thriving on industry shift, gentrification and economic growth to create the city that once was. It's exciting. So much is going on around the city and every time where you turn, a new business has crept in without notice.


27 March 2012

Baby Nurseries: Not Just For the Baby

Nurseries seem to be top priority for many of my family and friends these days. I am "at that age" where everyone seems to be getting married and starting families..but not me...just yet...sorry, Mom! Since the beginning of winter, I received ten baby announcements! Yes, ten! And so in lieu of their growing bellies, I thought I would lend some inspirational advice for their soon-to-be nurseries.


22 March 2012

Springtime Indoor and Outdoor Chairs

This week officially marks the beginning of Spring which means we can start to think about our outdoor living spaces! I was flipping through an old Style At Home Magazine and this funky article about indoor/outdoor chairs caught my eye. Although it was their May 2011 issue, these modern style chairs are always in style, and multi function to boot! With their shapes and sizes, the colourful pieces can be used both outside on the patio or inside as an occasional chair. Another great idea is to mix and match the chairs around an outdoor table or kitchen island.

1. Farmhouse Lounge, Bend. 
2. Stackable chair, Homesense 
3. Concha, Innit Designs
4. Marais (no longer in lemon), Design Within Reach
5. Reider Chair, Ikea
6. Spark Stalk Chair, Knoll
7. Moulded Plastic Parker, Designer Republic
8. Dedon Play by Phillipe Starck, Studio B

Which one is your favourite? I can't seem to choose. 

20 March 2012

Kitchen 101: How To Design A Kitchen Layout That Works

It's time for a lesson in kitchen design. Don't be discouraged. I am going to help you discover the most functional layout for your kitchen with some tips that I have learned. You see, during the day, I am an associate designer at Interior Works Inc. It's not only an interior design firm, but also a custom cabinetry shop. After 3 years of working with kitchen layouts, all shapes and sizes, I have narrowed down a few of the most important things to consider when space planning your kitchen.

How Do You Want Your Kitchen to Function?
When starting your kitchen planning, ask yourself, what is the purpose for my kitchen, aside from just cooking? Think...Do I want to entertain in my kitchen? Do I want the kids to have a place to do homework? Do I want to watch TV while I cook?, etc. Consider what the most important functions are in your kitchen and start planning from there. This may help when deciding if a wall needs to be removed, to improve the cabinetry with the existing layout or to completely change the location of your kitchen.

The following diagram is the layout of my new kitchen. Albeit, it's not the most spacious. I was working with retro-fit cabinets to create this plan but the basic principles were still applied when I was designing the layout.

My soon-to-be kitchen layout.

14 March 2012

Marimekko Brings Colour To Your World

At the end of the winter season, we are all desperate for colour. Marimekko helps ease you into spring with their home collection. Put away those warm winter accessories and prepare yourself for spring!  Marimekko, a Finnish textile and clothing company, provides ready-to-wear clothing collections and interior items to compliment. Marimekko is world renowned for using bold, bright colours with a heavy graphic feel. Their home accessories reflect their coined style and gives your space a splash of colour! I took a gander through Marimekko's Vancouver based store and this is what I found...

Unikko Teapot

09 March 2012

What Colour To Paint The Ceiling?

Ceilings often are overlooked in a space...until you need to pick a paint colour! Candice Olson, one of my mentors and designer favourites, is here to explain her paint choices from Benjamin Moore and add a bit of advice. Thank you Candice! I couldn't have said it better myself! 

Have you ever painted your ceiling a different colour? If so, please send me some photos to prove that, yes, colour can go on the ceiling!

06 March 2012

Eight Stylish Duvets Covers

One key element to an amazing sleep is a comfortable duvet. I often struggle between style and function with bedding. I love the way hotel bedding looks, especially this set from Restoration Hardware, with it's crisp, clean and polished allure. However, I own a white duvet and even with the most conscious of efforts, it is stained. Forever.

Restoration Hardware Hotel collection