26 April 2012

Design Classic: Model No. 14 Chair

How about a quick history lesson? Today's topic is the design classic, Model No. 14 Chair. Although simple in design, Michael Thornet's Model No. 14. Chair is the most successfully mass produced product in the world to date! (whoa!) This great achievement is due it's affordability and easy assembly.


24 April 2012

Inspirations for DIY Flower Vases

Last weekend, Nick took me on an outing to the Garden Centre. Naturally, I was drawn to all the bright colours, different shapes and sizes of the trees and flowers. He was on the look out for a tree to add to his bonsai collection, and I was there to find whatever caught my eye. To avoid over committing to a garden project, I left with a small purchase: a bag of potting soil and a pack of sunflower seeds (no, not the snacking kind). After receiving an email from one of my best friends, who bragged about her recently sprouted seeds, I wanted to try and see if I could grow some myself!

My Sunflower Seed Experiment

19 April 2012

Celebrate Earth Day: Tips for an Eco-Friendly Renovation

In lieu of Earth Day, let's talk eco-friendly renovaton. It's not easy. Intentions are usually set high, at least mine were. I intended to save and reuse much of the material left from my demolition but I was quickly shut down. I was told it was useless and for the most part, too much work to reuse. Yes, I was disappointed but during the process, it did seem best to get rid of the waste versus storing it on my small site. If you have a stronger backbone than I, kudos to you. Perhaps you can assist me in my next project.

After the kitchen demolition.

17 April 2012

How To Create An Outdoor Living Room

As we say goodbye to the chill of winter, I've come to realize that I have an major outdoor project to tend to...it's called a backyard! Yard work is new to me as a first time home owner. It's not only the gardening, but also an outdoor living space I need to create. This is the place I plan (and hope) to entertain, rest and relax during the warmer months. I figured my backyard seating area should have the same key elements that any indoor lounging space has...comfortable furniture, accessories, places for drinks, books and serving, mood lighting or candles, etc. After all, it's just like a living room, minus the confines of walls.

During my quest for outdoor inspiration, I stumbled upon this video that helped solidify that outdoor spaces deserve the same level of detail as interior ones. Watch and learn as designers from One King Lane  create three different outdoor spaces with simple accessorizing and outdoor furniture!

Now, if it were only that simple to create a garden oasis, I would be set!

12 April 2012

Colour Palettes: J.Crew vs. Benjamin Moore

When I relax in the evenings, I tend to gravitate to my mail. I get a slew of magazines and catalogues that I often stack on top of one another for a time when I can really inspect their contents. Interestingly, both the Benjamin Moore Colour Brochures and the new J.Crew catalogue were reviewed back to back. I took note and thought....My, aren't both of their colour palettes similar? Coincidence? Of course not. Fashion and Art are always in sync and this seasons's colour palettes are no exception. So I began to compare...


10 April 2012

A Productive Easter Weekend

I must say, I am surprised at all the things I accomplished this weekend. Usually a weekend surrounding a holiday leaves little down time for me. On the contrary, with the extra day, I was able to get so much done! See for yourself!

With the help of my family, I was able to transport my new appliances and kitchen down to my house. I spray painted a chandelier for my home office space. My front porch chairs have been assembled and I have narrowed down my cabinet colours to match the granite I am getting. Phew. All that worked deserved the copious amounts of chocolate I ate, don't you agree? 

How was your holiday weekend? Were you able to get some things done around the house with the extra day off work?

05 April 2012

Review: Toronto's One Of A Kind Show 2012

For years, I have been meaning to make it to Toronto's One of A Kind Show but it never seems to be a priority. This time, I felt different. Perhaps it was the free entrance ticket (Thank you to Olive PR Solutions!) or it was my keen interest in finding something artisanal for my house...either way, I hopped on the train to Toronto in the hopes of discovering some "underground" finds. I have two minds about these types of trade shows. On one hand, I discover local artisans and am able to connect with companies directly. On the other, it's exhausting and sometimes a waste of time and money.  This year's One of A Kind Show met me somewhere in the middle.

All fresh and energized for the show!

03 April 2012

Switch It Up: How To Swap Out A Ceiling Fixture

Well, I did it. I tackled my first electrical project! If you follow me on Facebook, you will recall a post from last Friday:

To date, I have 4 pigtail lights (a temporary hanging socket for a light bulb, attached to the electrical box) hanging from my ceiling. I am beginning to tire all the half done projects around the house so I was committed to completing one by the end of the weekend.