26 June 2012

Bring on the Bar Cart

I've scored a tea cart, thanks to my stepmom who was renovating her store, Saltridges. There was no room for this functional piece post renovations, so I scooped it up to make something more out of it. And no, it won't be for tea...

My newest project...the bar cart

23 June 2012

Summer Weekend Enjoyment (and Reno Work)

This is what I was able to enjoy yesterday when I was let off early from work... it was so delightful...

Bike ride down at the Hamilton Bay Front

21 June 2012

Don't Over Think It

As I have mentioned, I am a design magazine junkie. I picked up this month's House Beautiful and came across this spread. I loved it. I thought...this is good...so good, I am going to pass it along. So like I've said before, don't over think your space...do what YOU like, not what the trends are saying...okay? :)

19 June 2012

Summertime Bedding

Oh geez! It's hot out. Summer is here in a serious way. If you are like me and don't have air conditioning, the summer air is a compromise at times. Don't get me wrong...I love summer but sometimes it's hard to beat the heat. I mostly struggle during the humid nights. I avoid the very thought of heavy covers on me while I try to sleep, yet I find it hard to sleep without the feeling of something over me. Prior to this, I had never consider seasonal bedding, but I have changed my ways.

Warm, snuggly bedding for cold nights.

14 June 2012

Fashion vs. Interiors: Nicole Richie's Winter Kate Collection

I find myself drawn to anything Nicole Richie these days. Maybe it's cause we share the same bang fringe and do the same workout? Or maybe it's her accessory line I drool over, including it's name, House of Harlow 1960? Or it's the amazing come back from her, let's say, younger days, as she now is a proud wife and mama (kudos girl!)? Whatever it is, Nicole, I am digging your thang! Recently, I strolled through her clothing line, Winter Kate, which coincidently resembled some of the photos I snapped during a Home Sense visit yesterday.


12 June 2012

Before and After: Front Foyer

First impressions are everything. Once I moved into my house, I knew one of the first projects to focus on was decorating the front foyer. Not only does it require little furniture due to it's pint size, it also makes the first impression when people enter my abode. See how I was able to transform the space with small touches and details.

Front foyer before construction. Tiled
ceiling, paneled walls. 

07 June 2012

Adding Small Touches

I think it's safe to say that the bulk of major renovations are complete in my home (insert sigh of relief)! Lately, I am completely focused on decorating the space. I can't help myself but to shop for home decor every second I can. Like, seriously. I may be addicted. As far as large furniture pieces are concerned, I still cannot dive into such investments, so I stick with the small, minor purchases to keep myself occupied. Recently, I popped into the new Anthropologie in Oakville. I almost bought the whole store, but somehow muscled up some self control (How mature am I? Must be my new age of 31). This is what I left with...

The new purchases

05 June 2012

Montreal's Opus Hotel - Pretty Darn Cool!

Ah, Montreal. You are so beautiful and progressive. Three out of four days, we had rain (like pouring rain!) but with our optimistic vacation attitude, Nick and I made the most of it! One of the weekend highlights was my birthday night spent at the Opus Hotel. As per Montreal's reputation, the hotel's interior was so funky and creative! Kudos to the designer on this project. I was most impressed with the main foyer and the adjacent restaurant, Koko.

Koko had a mixture of chandeliers, Kartell chairs and purple