28 August 2012

Tv Show Floor Plans

I am a sucker for rendered floor plans. I mean, I swoon over them. They are a piece of art, hand crafted to perfection. I really need to render floor plans these days, so when I see work that is rendered, I drool. Rendering, more specifically hand rendering, is a drawing created for the viewer to understand the space in perspective. It helps to explain the textures, colours, perspective and dimension of the space.  This is traditionally done by hand, but with today's technology, computers can replicate a similar look.

The reason why I tell you this is because I got really excited over some renderings I found on a magazine site called Short List. Their blog featured floor plans from a few iconic shows such as Frasier and Friends. Cool, right? At least, I thought so. But then again, I am a nerd like that.


23 August 2012

Another Antique Hunt

This summer, it seems that weekends home are few and far between, usually how I like it. I have planned many (maybe too many?) weekends to be up north, as I try to be lakeside whenever possible. On the occasion that I am around, I have embraced the city life and all things around me, like enjoying Hamilton's Bay Front Park for a picnic.

21 August 2012

So, Why Do You Do What You Do?

An old friend of mine recently asked this question on her blog, Matter of Kat, WDYDWYD? The question is, Why do you do what you do? This is Kat's response (HERE), which I found very inspiring, humorous and down to the point. I thought, hmmm, why do I do what I do? My answer came pretty quickly as I know, just as she did, the why.

When I tell people that I am an interior designer, it's like I am telling them I am a celebrity or something. I get a lot of ohs and ahs, and a few "Oh, I always thought I would LOVE to do that!". It's not quite as glamorous as many of you think but I will tell you, seeing a space transform into something you envisioned is extremely rewarding.

16 August 2012

Installing My Kitchen Backsplash

It's done! The kitchen backslash is installed and is actually looking quite remarkable, if I do say so myself. I have been putting off house "jobs" during the summer months because who really wants to be inside, in a non-air conditioned house doing manual labour, right? However,  in order to complete the kitchen cabinetry details, I needed to install the back splash. Having experienced this once before, I knew what to do, but completely forgot how to do it.


14 August 2012

The Owl - 2012's Trendiest Animal in Home Decor

Has anyone else noticed the owl trend lately? Good bye peacocks, hello owls! I feel like every where I look, an owl is popping up, whether it's in fabric motifs or home accessories! Woot Woot for the owl...you have made your mark and you are kinda cute too!
Salt and Pepper Shakers

01 August 2012

Sudbury Styles: Vintage Decor (Part One)

I have a best friend who has been into vintage long before it was trendy and cool...like I am talking 20 years ago, she saw the beautiful things vintage offered and embraced it! Jessica, who resides in Sudbury, Ontario, where she and hubby Mark have created a fabulous little abode and lifestyle. Not only do they have a funky, retro inspired apartment, they also have seriously fun careers! They own a record storeguitar store, sound studio to start. Seven years deep, Mark still continues to write, sing, play and tour with his band, Ox. Jess is pregnant, writes a blog called Cupcakes and Kale, all the while is starting up a small vegan friendly bakery, Oh My Bakeshop (opening the fall). Not your everyday work load, right?  Between their interests, personalities and love of anything with a story, Mark and Jess' decor inspired me when I was visiting last week. It is so effortless and speaks only of them.